Developing the digital health conversation

With an accessible and qualitative offer


Imagine the digital health of tomorrow. Putting our experience at the service of your projects so that it corresponds to the way we all want to communicate on these subjects. That's where our energy comes from!


Nathalie Lahitte

PharmD, Founder

An experienced and human-sized team committed to making your digital projects grow.

We are based in Paris and Zurich, and also work from our remote locations.

Who are we?

Our added-value






Expertise en santé

International footprint

Multidisciplinary network

Focus on experience


"THE FARM & Co"?

THE FARM & CO was born from a desire to offer qualitative digital health solutions developed with the appropriate technology.

"THE FARM" refers to the careful work done to cultivate conversation, build meaningful solutions and projects.

"& CO" is the essential extension to bring innovative ideas to life: the use of a network of experts and the best skills for your project.

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To begin with, we plow the land to find trends and keep the best ideas. Then we sow the ideas for useful and interesting bots to germinate. We select the relevant topics to help users as much as possible.


After sowing the ideas, it's time to germinate the exchanges: we sprinkle our chatbots with tailor-made content and visuals, to enrich the conversations. We work with quality scientific content, and visuals that reflect adapted emotions.


Finally, we take care of the tree on a daily basis so that the branches are fluid, playful and balanced. We work on the scenarios so that the conversations take shape little by little and make you want to continue the conversation.


With adequate traffic on a website, conversations grow and flourish, to our greatest happiness! A real-life chatbot means users who can get immediate personalized advice, even on a Saturday evening at 11 p.m.;)



What our clients say

Cedric Brulé

International Brand Manager

The choice of THE FARM & CO was obvious: we already knew Nathalie Lahitte (the founder), and we knew that she was very familiar with the pharmaceutical industry and its constraints. THE FARM & CO was an easy choice because they already knew our challenges.


Our collaboration has indeed proved to be very effective since we were able to develop a first version of the sculpin fairly quickly.

We also appreciate THE FARM & CO's international footprint, which turned out to be a major asset for us as we wanted to develop a first version of the chabot in English. It was important to us.

The chatbot is hosted on a website. THE FARM & CO also helped us redesign the website. This gave us the advantage of having a completely harmonized digital solution in terms of content and design.


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